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January 18, 2006

today is in english!!

2-3 days recently , I have many storys to tell in the diary
but it has some cause that made me can’t do it. then
it was collected day by day so i have forgot or blured some

last sunday i went to TAM2005? uhmm the exhibition didn’t
as well as i expect . it should be a game online and graphic
course selling exhibition that animation. in the evening
i went to the HOME 834 party at Reflection restaurant.
I reached the party around 6 o’clock. It was full of ”Nong”
greeting me and other guest in the front of restaurant.
I talked with my friends , ”Nong” and ”P”’ and registered
to the party. The ticket was 400 baht ,cheaper than last
2 year party which my class produced. then i went in the
party. The place was great!!. There are some area like a
garden and littile swimming pool and also the room that
contains many comfortable sofa for the dinner.
a little while, the party was full of many many person.
many senior came to the party. I think this party was
great!!. in the party most of time was passed by talking
and take a photo. I was happy. I came back home
around 11 o’clock uhmmm what’s a happy night!!

ahhh i forgot what i’m willing to talk so….
take it away
today life I was happy.

my home networking system works well.
and the faculty web work was closed to the end.
and i have many projects and books to complete!!!


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  1. .:: m3rLinEz ::. permalink

    today is .net !

  2. .:: m3rLinEz ::. permalink

    Hmm .. I forget to tell you one thing. Lately, your diary sometimes redirects me to Casio website automatically. My browser is Mozilla firefox 1.5

    Sorry about doubling the comments 🙂

  3. b4lmung permalink

    ตุ๊ด เดย์ อีส
    …..:: m3rLinEz ::. is Gay

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